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MS Supply Chain Management

Course Materials for Fall 2 2019

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Course Number Course Name Book Title ISBN 13 Price
BUS5421 Managerial Economics BUS5421, Managerial Economics, Full Set $281.25
BUS5421 Managerial Economics Managerial Economics - 5th ed 9781337106665 $281.25
BUS5431 Managerial Accounting BUS5431, Managerial Accounting, Full Set $208.96
BUS5431 Managerial Accounting Managerial Accounting - looseleaf 6th ed 9781119158011 $155.63
BUS5431 Managerial Accounting Access Card, Xanedu Coursepack, Shippable, BUS5431, Custom $53.33
BUS5440 Financial Management BUS5440, Financial Management, Full Set $349.08
BUS5440 Financial Management Financial Management - 16th ed 9781337902601 $337.50
BUS5440 Financial Management Barclays and the LIBOR Scandal - Harvard Article - Custom Print $11.58
BUS5461 Production and Operations Management BUS5461, Production & Ops Mgmt, Full Set $344.95
BUS5461 Production and Operations Management Ops Mgmt:Process/Supply Chains - 12th ed 9780134741062 $344.95
BUS5656 Consumer Behavior Strategies BUS5656, Consumer Behavior Strat., Full Set $239.39
BUS5656 Consumer Behavior Strategies Consumer Behavior: Building Mktg Stategy -13th ed 9781259232541 $239.39
MGT5002 Corporate Finance MGT5002, Corporate Finance, Full Set $281.25
MGT5002 Corporate Finance Fundamentals of Financial Management - 15th ed 9781337395250 $281.25
MGT5020 Applied Management Project MGT5020, Applied Management Project, Full Set (eBook) $89.99
MGT5020 Applied Management Project MGT5020, Applied Mgmt Project, Full Set (Print/eBk Combo) $314.99
MGT5020 Applied Management Project eBook-Intro to Operations & SCM - 5th ed - Custom 9780135594872 $89.99
MGT5020 Applied Management Project Print/eBk Combo-Intro to Operations & SCM - 5th ed - Custom 9780135698730 $314.99
MGT5065 Supply Chain Management MGT5065, Supply Chain Mgmt, Full Set $40.50
MGT5065 Supply Chain Management Essentials of Supply Chain Management - 4th ed 9781119461104 $40.50
MGT5083 Global Supply Chain Management and International Logistics MGT5083, Global SCM & International Logistics, Full Set $75.00
MGT5083 Global Supply Chain Management and International Logistics Global Logistics & Supply Chain Management - 3rd ed 9781119117827 $75.00
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Prices are subject to change without notice (shipping not included). Please utilize the exact 10- or 13-digit ISBN when purchasing textbooks. Several courses share one or more textbooks and need special attention for purchasing options.